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The number one translation company in the Netherlands!

  • 24 hours per day, 7 days per week provides translation services to small and medium-sized businesses, government organisations, and private individuals. We translate quickly in accordance with the highest quality standards to and from more than 20 languages. As a full-service translation agency, we combine the up-to-date knowledge of our translators with the traditional values of reliable service and customer care. A formula that has been successful for almost 25 years!

  • For every type of translation, we have the right people, whether your needs are: marketing, medical, technical, or legal. From brochures, quotations, personal correspondence, and folders to manuals, websites, and bestselling novels.
    Whether you need to maintain the integrity of specific design and layout, or need somebody with in-depth knowledge in a particular area of scientific research, we can almost always provide the right solution.

  • Certified translations of deeds, contracts, articles of association, and diplomas are naturally part of our standard service.

  • Rush translations are our specialisation. Quick results and high quality - without high costs.

  • Our prices are extremely competitive due to our unique market position. The specific price of an order will of course depend on the language, the type of text, and how fast you want to have the work carried out.
    Ask for a no-obligation quotation, and you will receive a price estimate for your translation from us within only a few minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you? is a division of the Scriptware translation services group. Scriptware has been a leader within the translation world in the Netherlands for almost 25 years. focusses on handling the market demand for quick-access, rapid response, high-quality translations.

What can you translate?

Almost everything. From marketing, legal, medical, and technical documents to certified translations.

When are you open for business?

24 hours per day, 7 days per week. During office hours we can be contacted by telephone, and via the website at all other times. We guarantee your enquiry will be dealt with instantly (even during the weekend!), so we won't waste a second of your valuable time.

What does your unique guarantee mean?

We are so confident of the quality of the work we provide that we offer a no-cure no-pay guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with our translation, then you will not have to pay a thing.

Certified translations

A certified translation is also called a 'sworn translation' or an 'official translation'. A certified translation gives the customer the certainty that the translation has been carried out by a translator who meets certain legal requirements and who is bound by an oath under the law.

A certified translation can only be made by a translator who has been sworn in by the Dutch courts, and who is registered in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Rbtv). In order to become a sworn translator, all sorts of statutory requirements in relation to qualifications and permanent education have to be fulfilled, and the translator must have a clean criminal record.

What type of documents?

A certified translation is usually required for official purposes, such as the registration of a company in a foreign country, the settlement of an estate, marriages, immigration matters, or applications for EU funding. It therefore generally concerns translations of such documents as notarial deeds, court judgements, extracts from commercial registers, public records departments, and sometimes corporate financial statements. If you are unsure if you need a certified translation in your specific case, you should contact the organisation you are going to send the translation to.

What is the difference between a certified translation and an ordinary translation?

A certified translation is printed on special paper and is signed and stamped by the sworn translator to show that the translation is a true and faithful rendition of the original document. The original document (or a good copy of such) is also attached to the translation.

Legal translation

For a good legal translation, in addition to perfect language skills, sound legal knowledge is also required. Legal systems differ from country to country, so it is of the utmost importance that legal terms and concepts are expressed correctly in the other language.

Our team of legal translators have in-depth knowledge of different legal systems, and are able to translate your contract, notarial deed, or general terms and conditions properly and clearly.

Our clients

We supply legal translations to civil-law notaries, law firms, mediators, accountants, tax consultants, embassies, insurance companies, non-profit organisations, and the private sector.

What type of documents do we translate?

Our legal specialists translate such documents as:
- contracts and agreements
- articles of association
- notarial deeds
- general terms and conditions
- supply conditions
- purchasing conditions
- purchasing contracts
- deeds of incorporation
- procedural documents
- court judgements
- summonses
- notices of appeal and objection
- legal advice
- employment contracts
- staff handbooks
- correspondence
- redundancy plans
- policy documents
- legislation

Legal translations demand a lot of attention to detail and precision. This is because even the smallest mistake can have major consequences for your company or business. That is why we only have such documents translated by experienced translators with legal knowledge. We regularly translate such legal documents as general terms and conditions, sales and purchasing contracts, and court judgements.

Website translation

We might be living in a global village, but language barriers still exist. A good translation of your website can give your company a valuable international profile: not only for potential clients, but also to get a higher ranking in search engines and social media apps.

A professional translation of your website offers visitors from other countries the possibility of learning about your product, service, or venture. But it can also give you the added value of reaching out to foreign-language speakers within your existing target group in their own language. Making your website available in other languages can therefore be very rewarding, even if you are not planning for global expansion!

In addition to translators, we have a wide range of in-house web design and DTP specialists who can assist and advise you with the implementation of a translation of your website.


Translation office uses a large international pool of professional translators. Apart from excellent language skills all translators have one or more areas of specialization. This database is key for our success as a translation company as it enables us to always select the right translator with the right skills and the right expertise. We have translators available for almost every language combination.

Examples of the top language pairs for our professional translation agency:

English - French
English - German
English - Danish
English - Greek
English - Spanish
English - Italian
English - Polish
English - Russian
English - Dutch
English - Portugese
English - Arabic
English - Chinese
English - Japanese
English - Romanian
English - Swedish
English - Turkish

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